Eloped in Greece!

Oct 25

Eloped in Greece!

It may be the romantic sunset of Santorini, the urban landscape of Athens, the beautiful beaches of Zante or the long history of Crete, whatever it is that draws you towards Greece, it can entice you into doing things you wouldn’t normally expect yourself to do. But then there are times that everything feels right and following your impulse is the best way to go! Greece is the perfect place to act a little crazy, but with a safety-net! What if you simply decide it’s time you took the “plunge” and get married! What if you eloped in Greece? However is this even possible?


To a certain point a wedding is the most complex event you’ll ever have to organise. Guest lists, picking the date and the location, finding and sending invitations, RSVPs, sitting arrangements, wedding theme, food, cake, presents and we haven’t even started on the wedding outfits. But what happens when you elope? Which of these things you’ll want to keep to an impulsive wedding, either on during your stay in Greece or one you decide back home and want to do in Greece?

Something most people will agree on is how intertwined all the wedding details are. The day with the location and the outfits, the location with the guests and the arrangements, the theme of the wedding with the invitations and food, etc.That’s why you may need help by the experts of marryme. Contact them to help you organise your perfect small or big impromptu wedding! They can help and arrange licences, locations and even book you a honeymoon.


However you may wish to act even more spontaneously, you can ask your hotel you’re staying or the one you want to stay to help you! Andronis Exclusive is the ultimate couple’s private paradise on Santorini. Arrange to get married on the caldera, with the most breathtaking view you can get, just with a handful of friends, and cherish these moments forever! Stay there in one of the amazing cave pool suites for your honeymoon and start your married life with the best omens.


If you want something more contemporary as a setting of your big day, Civitel Attik in Marousi will happily host the ceremony and the reception, or just the reception if you want to try booking a Greek church or chapel. Because it’s Athens, you can even call everyone back home and invite them over just for the day! Or ask them to stay and do a walking tour for sightseeing in Europe’s oldest capital! Super convenient: in Athens you can find the best and latest in bridal couture, just minutes away from the hotel, at one of the big malls located close by.


On the other hand, you may wish for a wedding on the beach, under the hot mediterranean sun, walking barefeet the isle, under the natural sound of the waves (I would). Zante, the always sunny Ionian island of Greece, where the national poet of the country was born, may just be perfect for your runaway wedding! Golden-white sandy beaches and azure-topaz crystal clear waters provide a setting that screams “natural beauty” for everyone who’s attending and all the rest who are going to see just the wedding photos. Or you can do it in the picturesque olive grove of Paliokaliva Village with the view to the endless Ionian Sea.

Similarly, but completely different at the same time, you can elope in the most luxurious of fashions, in the top boutique hotel of Crete, the Elounda Gulf. Not much of “eloping” though, since the famous and multi-awarded hotel is always booked, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t decide to get married while you’re already there! Is in in your private pool that you want to do the ceremony? Maybe on the private beach? On the veranda by the pool, overlooking the Mirabello Bay? Whatever you wish, you can have a wedding fit for a Queen. Thus no-one will ever find out it was a spontaneous, spur of the moment decision, or was it?

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